Exploring Cim

I want to share with you a short video on the opening of Keys to Rome in Sarajevo... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS2Jnvig1UI maybe for some of you it won't be easy to understand the interview, but you will see very well how you can explore the Basilica of Cim by using a natural interaction application.


Cim Basilica @ Keys to Rome

3D Revisualisation of the altar of Cim Basilica

Dear friends,   I really have to apologise with you for not being constant on posting on this blog. Before resuming the thread of my speech on the restoration of the altar of Cim Basilica, I would like to announce you that the final work is currently on display in the Keys To Rome exhibition. … Continue reading Cim Basilica @ Keys to Rome

The Legacy of Charlemagne

  Dear Friends, I apologise for the big gap since my last post. I worked on several different project that soon I will share with you. Now I am glad to invite you at the international exhibition "De Erfenis van Karel de Grote" (The Legacy of Charlemagne), in the Provinciaal Erfgoedcentrum of Oudenaarde-Ename (Belgium). Click here for more practical information. The … Continue reading The Legacy of Charlemagne