Reconstructing Cim Basilica

Dear friends, In this last post about the 3D reconstruction and digital restoration of the Early Christian basilica of Cim I am going to talk about the reconstruction of the building. The reconstruction moved from the volt of the apsis that was slightly irregular as its diameter was 2,40 m while its length was 2,98 m. In coevalContinue reading “Reconstructing Cim Basilica”

Early Christian Decorations

Dear friends, the last fragments belonging to Cim basilica that we have digitally restored were a stone bas-relief decorated with a peacock and an engraved capital decorated with a cross. The first element was probably the decoration of a lintel, while the second, considering its peculiar shape, was probably supporting the transenna in a mullioned window. In order to digitallyContinue reading “Early Christian Decorations”

Reconstructing an Early Christian altar fence

Dear friends, Today I want to share with you some more information about the reconstruction on Cim basilica. Once that we defined the possible layout of the architectonic elements in the sacred area, we had to reconstruct them on the basis of the archaeological finds. The entire reconstruction moved from the dimensions of an engraved stoneContinue reading “Reconstructing an Early Christian altar fence”

Cim: find a solution for interpretation issues

Dear friends, in today’s post I am going to describe you the research and interpretation work that lead us to the digital reconstruction of the presbytery of Cim basilica. During the archaeological survey of the area around the basilica a great amount of carved fragments were found. Some of them revealed amazing and rich decoration,Continue reading “Cim: find a solution for interpretation issues”

Exploring Cim

I want to share with you a short video on the opening of Keys to Rome in Sarajevo… maybe for some of you it won’t be easy to understand the interview, but you will see very well how you can explore the Basilica of Cim by using a natural interaction application.

Cim Basilica @ Keys to Rome

Dear friends,   I really have to apologise with you for not being constant on posting on this blog. Before resuming the thread of my speech on the restoration of the altar of Cim Basilica, I would like to announce you that the final work is currently on display in the Keys To Rome exhibition.Continue reading “Cim Basilica @ Keys to Rome”

Update on Cim restoration

Hello everybody! Since my last post the digital restoration work on Cim decoration went ahead and some new fragments had been reconstructed. Here below I post some images! Double-sided capital, decorated with floral motif: Double-sided pillar, decorated with half columns:

The reconstruction of the altar

Hi all, Today I am going to talk about the process of digital reconstruction and restoration of the altar of Cim basilica. According to the diary of the archaeological excavation, pieces of two altars had been found in the terrain around the basilica. They both were altar table, the first one was in marble, whileContinue reading “The reconstruction of the altar”

A new project: the restoration of the stone decoration of Cim basilica

Dear all, a long time has passed since my last post! I’ve been working on a project that does not focus on digital restoration but on storytelling and communication. As the work is still in progress, I will talk about it another time. Today I would like to introduce you to the new project IContinue reading “A new project: the restoration of the stone decoration of Cim basilica”