Monte Michele nr. 5 tomb

Hi! For more information on the Monte Michele tomb and the Etruscanning 3D project have a look at the official blog of the project on WordPress!

Reconstructing the Wagon – Phase 2

Hello everybody, In the previous post I showed you how we defined the form of the load bed of the Etruscan wagon found in the Monte Michele number 5 tomb. Today I focus on how we came up to the final structure of the vehicle by studying its archaeological remains. In this process the helpContinue reading “Reconstructing the Wagon – Phase 2”

Reconstructing the Wagon

Hi everybody! It’s been quite a hectic period and I had very few time to report here the progress of my work. Anyway, little by little I will update you, in this and the next posts! Once the restoration of all the bronze coverings was over, it was important to understand where they belonged to.Continue reading “Reconstructing the Wagon”

Wagon Plates – Step 3

Hello everybody! In this post I describe you how I came up to a solution for the creation of the depth map of the rosettes. As I explained in my previous post, all the attempts to get to a proper result that I made using Photoshop had been vain. Since I was not able toContinue reading “Wagon Plates – Step 3”

Wagon Plates – Step 2

Hi again, Today I show you the second step of the restoration of our Etruscan plates. Once understood the technology behind their realization, I had to create a digital copy of each plate. The easiest way to create a 3D model totally identical to a real object is not to create a 3D model! ThisContinue reading “Wagon Plates – Step 2”

Wagon Plates – Step 1

Hello everybody, My first work for the V-Must project is for Etruscanning 3D. It consists in the digital restoration of seven Etruscan plates in bronze of the middle orientalizing period (670 – 650 b.C.), which come from the Monte Michele tomb number 5 in Veii. They were part of the decoration of the wooden wagonContinue reading “Wagon Plates – Step 1”

Dealing with Uncertainties

Last Friday I’ve been to the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam for my first meeting of the Virtual Museum Network. It is a very interesting group composed by people with different background and a shared interest for the application of new technologies in cultural heritage contexts. After the presentation of a project on the landscapeContinue reading “Dealing with Uncertainties”

What is the Virtual Restoration

In this blog I’m going to show you the progress of my work of digital restoration on some Etruscan artifacts from the tomb number 5 of Monte Michele, in Veio (Lazio, Italy). But before starting, I find it necessary to give you a short introduction on what is a virtual restoration process and why itContinue reading “What is the Virtual Restoration”