Cim Basilica @ Keys to Rome

Dear friends,   I really have to apologise with you for not being constant on posting on this blog. Before resuming the thread of my speech on the restoration of the altar of Cim Basilica, I would like to announce you that the final work is currently on display in the Keys To Rome exhibition.Continue reading “Cim Basilica @ Keys to Rome”

The Legacy of Charlemagne

  Dear Friends, I apologise for the big gap since my last post. I worked on several different project that soon I will share with you. Now I am glad to invite you at the international exhibition “De Erfenis van Karel de Grote” (The Legacy of Charlemagne), in the Provinciaal Erfgoedcentrum of Oudenaarde-Ename (Belgium). Click here for more practical information. TheContinue reading “The Legacy of Charlemagne”

Update on Cim restoration

Hello everybody! Since my last post the digital restoration work on Cim decoration went ahead and some new fragments had been reconstructed. Here below I post some images! Double-sided capital, decorated with floral motif: Double-sided pillar, decorated with half columns:

Premio Internazionale per la Valorizzazione dei Beni Culturali – Roma 2013

Dear friends, I am happy to announce you that Etruscanning 3D won the FIRST ITALIAN HERITAGE AWARD in the category Communication and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage, with the application Etruscanning: virtual exploration of the Regolini Galassi tomb! (see the page of the Italian Heritage Award)

Digital Heritage 2013

Hi all, our article “Etruscanning 3D. The Etruscan grave n.5 of Monte Michele in Veii: from the digital documentation to the virtual reconstruction and communication” on the virtual reconstruction of the tomb n.5 of Monte Michele will be presented this October at Digital Heritage 2013 International Congress. I hope to see you there!

The reconstruction of the altar

Hi all, Today I am going to talk about the process of digital reconstruction and restoration of the altar of Cim basilica. According to the diary of the archaeological excavation, pieces of two altars had been found in the terrain around the basilica. They both were altar table, the first one was in marble, whileContinue reading “The reconstruction of the altar”

A new project: the restoration of the stone decoration of Cim basilica

Dear all, a long time has passed since my last post! I’ve been working on a project that does not focus on digital restoration but on storytelling and communication. As the work is still in progress, I will talk about it another time. Today I would like to introduce you to the new project IContinue reading “A new project: the restoration of the stone decoration of Cim basilica”

Last news on the cinerary urn

Hello everybody! Since my last post, the team of the Etruscanning 3D project had had a new meeting and the results of the restoration process had been discussed. Archaeologists focussed their attention on the cinerary urn. By comparing coeval examples of urns, it is immediately evident that they all have four support structures at theContinue reading “Last news on the cinerary urn”

The Monte Michele sceptre

Hi again! Amongst the objects that originally were placed on the wagon in the Monte Michele number 5 tomb, there was also a sceptre. It is quite an exceptional object, as it is the only sceptre definitely identified as such from Etruscan orientalizing tombs (late eighth – early sixth century BC.): similar examples have beenContinue reading “The Monte Michele sceptre”

The Monte Michele cinerary urn

Hello everybody, The digital restoration work of the archaeological remains in the Monte Michele number 5 tomb in Veii included some other objects in addition to the wagon. In the main chamber, standing on the load bed of the wagon, was the cinerary urn, which contained the cremated remains of a man. They were wrappedContinue reading “The Monte Michele cinerary urn”