Participatory Design Conference 2018

Dear Friends, I am very happy to inform you that my work, together with that of my CHEurope Colleagues, has been accepted at this year Participatory Design Conference (PDC2018) that is currently held in Hasselt (Belgium), as part of the Situated Actions exhibition. Our contribution is on display in the prestigious premises of Z33 – House for Contemporary Art, in TheContinue reading “Participatory Design Conference 2018”

CHEurope Summer School in Santiago de Compostela

Dear friends, From June 23rd to July 1st I was in Santiago de Compostela, where I took part in the first CHEurope’s Summer School. The school has been organised by Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC/INCIPIT) and consisted in a series of seminars, practical fieldwork and visits, with the aim of approaching different contexts, ideas and critical perspectivesContinue reading “CHEurope Summer School in Santiago de Compostela”

Cultural Institutions, Online Collections and Digital Media

Last week I attended the PhD course on Cultural Institutions, Online Collections and Digital Media organised by ACSIS (Advanced Cultural Studies Institutes of Sweden), Linköping University (campus Norrköping).  The aim of this course was to provide a critical exploration of digital heritage and online collections. Thanks to the participation of several researchers in the field of digitalContinue reading “Cultural Institutions, Online Collections and Digital Media”

CHEurope – Kick-off​ meeting

CHEurope kick-off meeting took place in Gothenburg from the 27th to the 30th June 2017. There, for the first time, I met all the ESR that are part of this project and their supervisors. The aim of CHEurope project is to explore the processes by which heritage is ‘assembled’ in our society, by researching fiveContinue reading “CHEurope – Kick-off​ meeting”

Curating Digital Heritage​

Dear Friends, Recently I started to work as a PhD candidate at Utrecht University. I am based in the Department of History and Art History and I am part of the Cultural History research group. My research project focuses on how European institutions are dealing with the digital turn and what it meant for them and forContinue reading “Curating Digital Heritage​”

Ename 1290 backstage – Reconstructing Saint Salvator Abbey

Dear friends, In some past articles I talked about the project Ename 1290, which is a virtual 3D walk-through developed for the visitors of the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Ename, in order to allow them to experience interactively the medieval village and the Saint Salvator abbey. I think it is now the moment to describeContinue reading “Ename 1290 backstage – Reconstructing Saint Salvator Abbey”

Looking back at SIGRAD 2016

Dear friends, it was a great honor to be invited as Keynote speaker to present my work at SIGRAD, in Visby. Several Swedish research groups presented their outstanding results. This serves to highlight excellent Swedish research, stimulate the discussion and initiate collaborations. I had the opportunity to join the Gotland Game Conference and take a lookContinue reading “Looking back at SIGRAD 2016”

Heritage in Motion Award 2016

Dear friends, On May 20, 2016 the winners of the Heritage in Motion Award 2016 have been announced. Belgium’s Provincie Limburg was awarded for the Heritage in Motion ‘Best Achievement Award’ for their project ‘Limburg 1914-1918, Small Stories from a Great War’. Visual Dimension was nominated for the Heritage in Motion Awards 2016 in the category “Games and Interactive Experiences”Continue reading “Heritage in Motion Award 2016”

Ename 1290 nominated for the Heritage in Motion Awards 2016

Dear friends, Today I am happy to announce you that Visual Dimension has been selected as one of the eight finalists for the Heritage in Motion Awards 2016 with the application Ename 1290. Heritage in Motion is an annual multimedia competition which celebrates the best multimedia achievements and products, through varied, creative and innovative means, in orderContinue reading “Ename 1290 nominated for the Heritage in Motion Awards 2016”