About Me

Foto Carlotta CapurroHi, I am Carlotta Capurro!

I am an art historian and a digital restorer. Welcome to WorldWideMuseum!

I had my bachelor’s degree in Conservation of the Cultural Heritage at the University of Genoa (Genoa, Italy).
In 2009/2010 I spent a year at the Universiteit Gent (Gent, Belgium) where I studied the art of Flemish Primitives and Old Masters and I worked on Infra Red Reflectography techniques.
I had my master’s degree in Art History at the University of Genoa. The work included a virtual museum which has been presented at the 18th IEEE International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM2012) in September 2012.
I had a three-months internship at the Visual Dimension company (Oudenaarde, Belgium, EU), in the frame of the V-Must mobility programme.

Currently I am working at Visual Dimension on 3D reconstruction e restoration of archeological objects.

For more on my background, here’s my CV.



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