Participatory Design Conference 2018

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to inform you that my work, together with that of my CHEurope Colleagues, has been accepted at this year Participatory Design Conference (PDC2018) that is currently held in Hasselt (Belgium), as part of the Situated Actions exhibition. Our contribution is on display in the prestigious premises of Z33 – House for Contemporary Art, in The Politics of Design: Act 1 exhibition.

The PDC conference brings together scholars who present research on the direct involvement of people in design, development, implementation, and appropriation activities of information and communication technologies, spaces, artefacts, and services.

Working within our Work Packages – Heritage and Wellbeing, Curating the City, Participation and Management, Digital Heritage and Heritage Futures – the aim of our collaborative exhibition was to make the visitors reflect on a shared, central issue of our research. We worked around a direct question to the audience, accompanied by a metaphoric fable in order to stimulate a critical reflection and a possible answer.

Digital Heritage Work Package contribution to the exhibition reflects on the alleged accessibility of digital heritage and its consequences, using as a metaphor the famous Cinderella’s crystal slipper.

It will be possible to visit The Politics of Design: Act 1 exhibition from August 22nd to October 12th at Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Zuivelmarkt 33, 3500 Hasselt. More information is also available on Facebook.

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