Ename 1290 nominated for the Heritage in Motion Awards 2016

Dear friends,

Today I am happy to announce you that Visual Dimension has been selected as one of the eight finalists for the Heritage in Motion Awards 2016 with the application Ename 1290. Heritage in Motion is an annual multimedia competition which celebrates the best multimedia achievements and products, through varied, creative and innovative means, in order to draw attention to the value of Europe’s cultural and natural heritage in all its facets.

The winners, selected by an international jury composed of multimedia experts and consumers, will be announced and celebrated at a ceremony on 20 May 2016 in Lesbos (Greece), during the annual conference of the European Museum Academy, founding partner of this initiative.

Ename 1290 is a virtual 3D walk-through that allows visitors of the Provincial Archaeological Museum to experience interactively the medieval village and abbey of Ename as it was in 1290.  The walk-through allows not only guides to give a virtual tour through the village and the abbey, it also allows school children to play an educational game in this virtual reconstruction, based upon pure historical facts and archaeological excavation results. The application is permanently on display in the Provincial Heritage Center of Ename.

In my future posts I will describe the work done to reconstruct the Saint Salvator abbey and its interiors in 1290.

Have a look at the video to discover how the application works!


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