Digital Museum Expo Bruxelles – Beyond 3D Digitisation: Applications of 3D Technology in Cultural Heritage


Dear Friends,

I am happy to invite you to Digital Museum Expo – Bruxelles, organised by V-MusT Competence Centre in cooperation with the 3D-ICONS project, on 12 and 13 March 2015 in the Royal Museums of Arts and History in Bruxelles.

The colloquium and the workshop focus on the impact of 3D digital assets for cultural heritage. Digitisation of museum objects is not a final stage, but only a start for research, conservation and interpretation. 3D offers us a new set of tools and methodologies that will change the cultural heritage domain significantly. New visualisation technologies, both on-line and in the museum, and new interaction technologies open a wide range of opportunities for museum curators and cultural heritage experts to share the results of their work and the value and beauty of their collection.

This event contains three parts. In the colloquium on the first day, digital heritage experts from Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy will present different applications of 3D digitisation and virtual reconstruction in research, collection management, publication, education and public presentation. In the second day, several applications are elaborated through a series of workshops. During the colloquium and workshop, a Digital Museum Expo will take place. This is a series of hands-on demonstrations of innovative applications, such as the museum installations that have been developed in the V-MusT project for the multi-museum exhibition Keys2Rome or the on-line visualisation of 3D digital assets in Europeana, developed in the 3D-ICONS project.

The final program of Digital Museum Expo – Bruxelles and the registration form are available on V-Must website.


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