Cim Basilica @ Keys to Rome

3D Revisualisation of the altar of Cim Basilica

Dear friends,


I really have to apologise with you for not being constant on posting on this blog.

Before resuming the thread of my speech on the restoration of the altar of Cim Basilica, I would like to announce you that the final work is currently on display in the Keys To Rome exhibition.

Keys to Rome is an international exhibition that, for the first time ever, runs in parallel in four cities (Rome, Amsterdam, Sarajevo and Alexandria) from September 23, 2014. 2000 years after Augustus’ death, the exhibition will show Roman culture and will focus on the diversity and dynamics within the Roman Empire. The exhibition uses interactive and immersive technology to present and connect these regional cultures within the Roman Empire, highlighting their diversity and commonality over centuries of Roman rule.
Combining real artefacts, digitally restored 3D objects and beautiful virtual environments, visitors will be able to travel back in time in search for objects and discover more about the lives of their owners.

Four prestigious locations host this exhibition: the still standing Forum of Trajan in Rome, the prestigious Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, the recently renovated Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam and the newly restored City Hall of Sarajevo.

Come to visit them!

K2R header-big


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